seasonal tasting

maine sea urchin toast. yuzu kosho

sea scallop. almond. green verjus

sour cream and onion congee

langoustine in phyllo

lightly wilted spinach. matsutake. chanterelle. caviar

blue crab. ripe and pickled grapes. lavender. taleggio   

sablefish misoyaki. treviso. grapefruit

cannellini bean agnolotti. candied garlic. black truffle

lamb saddle. pickled mistake. leek

tomato. olive oil. sancho

feta yogurt. cucumber. dill

green tea. rice. peach

menu 185

*Available Friday, Saturday and Sunday Evening By Reservation Only. Some Dietary Restrictions Cannot Be Accommodated. All Seasonal Tasting Menu Reservation’s Require 48 Hour Notification. Please Call For Any Questions.