chef's daily soup     7.

chef's daily vegetarian selection     13.

salad of endives. baby lettuces. potato. basil. dijon. pancetta. 
poached egg     10

laughing bird shrimp with cashew. kohlrabi. castelvetrano olive. 
grapefruit     14


seared whitefish. sourdough. lemon and herb aioli. gribiche.
roasted tomato. house made taro chips     13.

croque monsieur. house-cured ham. swiss. caramelized onion. 
mornay sauce. pommes frites     13.

croque madame. house-cured ham. swiss. caramelized onion. 
organic fried egg. and pommes frites     13.

organic pork belly. ciabatta bun. bread and butter pickles. dijonnaise.
fennel slaw. garlic frites     14.

classic blackbird burger. shallot bun. american cheese.
iceberg lettuce. bread and butter pickles. tomato. grilled onion. pommes frites     15.



shellfish stew: daily selection of fish and shellfish.
corn dashi. boiled potatoes. and paprika aioli     16.

grilled sturgeon. grapes. almond. yukon latke. andsmoked pudding     22.

duck confit. cavatelli pasta. mustard green. preserved walnut    

roasted king trumpet mushroom. butternut squash. black garlic.
smoked red seaweed    18.    

chicken roulade. apple saba. vermouth. hazelnut. baby romaine     17.

grilled hanger steak. crispy rice. mushroom. quince. horseradish     17.


chef de cuisine    ryan pfeiffer       executive sous chef    dan luckey
general manager    david barriball         sous chef    kyle cottle