chef's daily soup     7.

seared asparagus. ginger curd. spring onion. almon13.

salad of endives. baby lettuces. potato. basil. dijon. pancetta. 
poached egg     12.

warm shrimp salad. cashew. celery. coconut milk. red curry oil 14.


shrimp salad. yuzu aioli. pickled shallots. corn. thai basil    15.

roasted beef. poblano mornay. giardiniera    15.

crispy chicken. green tomato relish. swiss cheese. hot lacquer    14.

smoked turkey club. blueberry glazed bacon. heirloom tomatoes    15.

pimento grilled cheese. sunflower seed chili. little gem. jalapeno     14.

blackbird burger. cherry. aioli. fried onions 15.

*all sandwiches served with a pickle and choice of waffle chips,

pomme frites or potato and ramp salad with green goddess



seafood stew. pickled shrimp. clams. mussels. salsa verde. sausage     16.

wood grilled sturgeon. almond. cherry. sorrel. mustard     22.

farmer's cheese gnocchi. fava bean. green garlic. strawberry. sunflower     18.

duck confit. potato. spring onion. lavender     16.

hanger steak. white asparagus. green strawberry. shallot     20.


chef de cuisine    ryan pfeiffer       executive sous chef    dan luckey
general manager    david barriball         sous chef    kyle cottle