salad of endive. crispy potato. basil. dijon. pancetta. poached egg     14.

chicken consomme. pumpernickel. smoked foie gras. pecorino. sherry     19.

warm shrimp salad. kohlrabi. lime. cashew. jalapeno     18.

caramelized brussels sprouts. smoked cauliflower. citrus. fermented chili. castelvetrano olive 16.

glazed sweetbread. salmon roe. ripini. ginger     19.

roasted carrots. burnt onion spaetzle. hamachi bacalao     16.

gently smoked hamachi. royal trumpet. schmaltz pudding. ginger consomme     22.


roasted king trumpet mushroom. butternut squash. black garlic. belgian witbier. ruby streak     36.

pan roasted wild striped bassonion noodle. schmaltz pudding. yuzu. sake    39.

wood grilled sturgeon. sunchoke. charred cabbage. pomelo. dill     42.

aged rohan duck breast. golden beet. nicoise olive. duck sausage. fingerling potato     40.

roasted elysian fields lamb saddle. creamed parsnip. mustard seed. caramelized buttermilk     40.

rabbit schnitzel. chicories. barbecued raisin. greek yogurt     39.

slagel farms striploin and beef cheek. umami butter. pickled ginger. shitake     42.


tableside presentation of artisanal and farmhouse cheeses     8 | 20 | 40


chef de cuisine     ryan pfeiffer              executive sous chef     dan luckey
general manager     david barriball        sous chef     kyle cottle