salad of endive. crispy potato. basil. dijon. pancetta. poached egg    16.

ahi tuna. seared foie gras. kabocha squash. tangelo    23.

gently smoked cobia. shmaltz. matsutake. ginger consommé    20. 

truffledshrimp and lobsterau pain.horseradish. cured egg yolk          23.

dry aged beef tartare. brassica. black walnut. parmesan    19.

cauliflower tempurachickpea. satsuma. sesame    16.


pickled rutebega. tagliatelle. persimmon. swiss. rye    33.

roasted rohan duck. carrot. pecan. foie gras. port wine       42.    

barbeque pork belly and loin. black garlic. smoked trout roe. shiitake    38.

 roasted lamb saddle. ruby red grapefruit. brussels sprout. basil   42.

 grilled sturgeon. fermented black bean tteok. ramp kimchi. mustard greens. 40.

Slagel Farm beef striploin and cheek. sharp cheddar. maple. balsamic       42.


tableside presentation of artisanal and farmhouse cheeses     8 | 20 | 40


chef de cuisine     ryan pfeiffer              executive sous chef     kyle cottle
general manager     david barriball        sous chef     geoff thompson