endive salad for two. honey. mustard. pancetta. poached egg    18

marinated mussels. yuzu. fennel. coriander    16

country fried veal sweetbreads. escargot. artichoke pistou. vanilla    18

beef tartare. grilled ramp. cornichon. oyster    20

asparagus tempuradill. mustard    16

kampachi crudo. roasted potato dashi. trout roe. dill      18


ramp orecchiette. snap peas. green almond. farmer’s cheese    32 

roasted lamb saddle. spinach. bonito. sherry    40

seared sturgeon. tteok. kimchi. mustard green    40

sablefish misoyaki. yuzu. little gem. charcoal cream    39

rohan duck. artichoke. port. sunflower. chamomile    42

Slagel Farm beef striploin. roasted beets. anchovy. mustard seed    42 


tableside presentation of artisanal and farmhouse cheeses     8 | 20 | 40


chef de cuisine     ryan pfeiffer              executive sous chef     kyle cottle
general manager     david barriball        sous chef     geoff thompson